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Hey Ya’ll!

So today didn’t really go much better in regards to eating. I had to be to work early this morning and I missed breakfast, leaving me famished, which then led to me eating out of the vending machine. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: None

Mid-Morning Snack: Ruffles Cheddar Chips (small bag)

Lunch: Chicken Finger Sub (bad choices!!!!)

Mid-Afternoon Snack: None

Dinner: Protein Shake

My work outs went pretty good, so that made up for some of my bad eating today. Here’s What I did:

Back & Biceps:                      Sets                                           Reps

Wide-Grip Pull-Up                 3/3                                   12,10,8/12,10,8

(I did this on the pull down machine since I currently cannot do a single pull-up)

Reverse-Grip Pulldown        3/3                                    12,10,8/12,10,8

Seated Cable Row               3/3                                    12,10,8/12,10,8

Prone Dumbell Row             0/3                                    0,0,0/12,10,8

Barbell Curl                         3/3                                         15/15

Preacher Hammer Curl        3/3                                         15/15


Treadmill HIIT: 20 Minutes

Walk 3.5 MPH 1 Minute

Run 8.0 MPH 1 Minute

Averaged 3.4 MPH for walk and 7.0 MPH for Run

So that was the second day. I really need to get my diet under control. I know that if I actually eat six times a day, I won’t want to eat so much bad food.

Here’s some FITspo to keep us motivated: 

Today’s theme is fitness model Jamie Eason 


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Hey guys!

So today was the first day of my effort to live a happier, healthier life. Here’s how it went:

I slept most of the day, although I’m not sure why, so I got a very late start. I bought all the healthy food I could, spending about $70, but I got a lot of food.

I didn’t really follow an eating plan, since I got that late start, so I ended up only having a protein shake, and then some Mac & Cheese with a chicken breast.

My work out went alright, but it was an eye-opener regarding just how out of shape I’ve gotten. I did the following today (This is the work out I will be doing each Monday):

                                            Sets                 Reps
Prone Hamstring Curl:         0/4                    0/12

Tuck-Ups W/ball                 3/3                    15/15

Dumbell Sumo Squats        0/3                     0/15

Leg Extension Machine      3/3                    12/12

Unilateral Leg Press          3/3                     12/12

Curtsy Squat:                    3/3                     12/12

Standing Calf Raises        2/3                      15/15

Seated Calf Raises           0/0                      15/15


3.5 mph for 35 mins, increasing incline from 0% up to 10%, 1% for every 3 mins.

I also took my measurements and before pics, which are as follows:

Weight: 145.8 lbs

Arms: Right: 11 inches     Left: 11 inches

Chest: 39.5 inches

Waist: 32 inches

Hips: 40.5 inches

Thighs: Right: 21.5 inches    Left: 21 inches (yes, apparently my thighs are uneven haha!)

Here are my before pictures:





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Hey everyone!

So I made my shopping list based on the book I mentioned in my last post. I am going to go shopping bright and early tomorrow morning so that I can start the plan. Looking at the list, I have a feeling it’s going to cost a lot more than I anticipated, but I guess you will have that when you are eating more than once or twice a day, and it’s not McDonald’s. 

I’m feeling pretty excited about the whole thing right now. I saw myself in the mirror this morning and thought, “My God, have I really let myself go to this point?” I had been doing well back in October and I am really disappointed that I let myself gain all the weight I lost back.

I will be posting my food log and work out log tomorrow, along with some before pics so you can see what I am working with. I find it always motivates me when I can see someone’s before picture and watch them transform, so I think it will be beneficial to have one.

Anyway, here is some FITspo to hold us all over until tomorrow when the real fun begins!


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Here’s some motivational FITspo (emphasis on Fit) to get me, and maybe even you, started.


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So today was day three (it’s still Thursday despite the time on here, which I can’t figure out how to fix ol). No weight loss yet. 😦 Here’s my work out entry for today:

“I felt very groggy and sore when I woke up today. I didn’t much feel like working out, so I had to pace around my house until I was a little more motivated.

The ‘Shoulder & Arms’ DVD was not as bad as I had thought it was going to be.  I felt really motivated through the whole work out, although I only used a 4 lbs. weight. I hope to eventually get to a 10 lbs. weight.

The ‘Ab Ripper X’ DVD was BRUTAL! It was short, but there were no breaks at all and the exercises were very challenging. I struggled through most of it, which I was surprised by, because my abs used to be my strongest part. I look forward to the day when I can get through the whole DVD.

I am having my protein drink. However, I need to be more careful with my diet. I’m overeating and it’s all junk, so I’m only hurting myself.

Tomorrow is ‘Yoga X’, so it should be a good strength training day!”

So that’s my entry. I had pasta for dinner tonight, which isn’t great, but I’m trying really hard not to snack right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up. I work tomorrow, so I’ll be distracted! 😀

Here’s some Abs themed thinspo/fitspo to get you (and me) motivated for tomorrow’s work out, because I know I’ll be sore (especially in the abs)!!!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking Before/After thinspo/fitspo tomorrow!!!

Good luck and see you tomorrow!!!

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Ok, so this is technically my second post today, but it is day 2. I just finished my work out and now I’m enjoying my whey protein shake that I hope won’t make me fatter lol. Here’s how today went:

“Today went awesome! I’m so proud of myself! I worked really hard through the video! I only paused it twice, and one time was so that I could get a chair for the exercise. I felt great the whole exercise and I am soo motivated right now!

I am drinking my protein drink so that my body can recover.

This morning I was a lttle sore, which I wasn’t expecting after yesterday’s fiasco. It was actually motivating to feel soreness in my arms, abs, and legs because I felt like I had accomplished something!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. The work out will be ‘Shoulders and Arms’ and ‘Ab Ripper X’. I think it will be challenging, especially because I really struggle with upper body, but ya gotta work hard to get results!”

*It’s in quotes because it’s from my work out log*

So that’s how today went. Here’s some work out thinspo/fitspo to keep me (and you) motivated!!!

See you tomorrow!

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